jeudi 19 juin 2008

Oh hello there bushman

I just felt like writing this post in teh english language. I know my blog was supposed to be about travel or tea, but I guess ukulele enters the "and things" category. I finally decided my choice on this ukulele. It's expenssive, especially to me, since I ain't got a job. Must find one.

It's a beauty, isn't it?

For those who are interested in ukes, I've randomly found a couple, Bosko and Honey, who are currently touring and visiting uke players around the world. Here goes their youtube channel.

If I was you, I'd totally subscribe.

Nothing much is happening recently, except that the rain will keep me and my pedal bike stuck inside.

ANNOUNCEMENT: I just used my last bocha tsuki green tea leaves... and I am sad as I don't have any japanese green tea anymore. It might just sound funny to you, but it's dramatic to me. But I owe random readers explanations. So here we goes... Tea is my passion. I guess it says it all!

What else... Anyone want to play maple story or guitar hero? I've just had a flash.. Someone has to create a new game that would be called Ukulele hero. Hahahahhahah!
Ok... nevermind.

Just in case you are thinking of escaping my ukulele grapple on you, Baby it's you by Bosko and Honey. It's just that good :-)

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Nayrus a dit…

Ukulele. C'est joli.

Tu devrais permettre les commentaires anonymes. Y'a tout plein de RANDOM PEOPLE qui vont commenter, une fois de temps en temps. Ça serait dommage de te priver de leur opinion.